I’ve been interested in photography and music for my entire life. As a child, I watched my uncle look down into a viewfinder camera, amazed at how the lens image lingered above the glass plate, like a ghost. Noticing my curiosity, he guided me through the intricate opposing movements required to handle the camera, as the image is reversed through the viewfinder.

When I was older, my uncle or father would often hand a Nikon camera over to me during family events, sometimes at my persistence. By the age of eight, I had an understanding of manual focus, aperture, and shutter speed.

One day, our parents brought us cousins for a special trip to view the screening of “Grand Prix” in a bygone-era stately San Francisco movie theater. The gigantic cinema screen, Saul Bass montages, and Maurice Jarre soundtrack drew my young mind into a realm of imagination that was awe-inspiring.

Since childhood, I’ve had a fascination in blending images and music – the Gestalten sum of sight and sounds is greater together than its separate, individual parts.